PT. Mitra Buana Akademika Pratama (MBA Pratama) operates since June 2008 in Jakarta, Indonesia providing educational and training services for individual and organisational clients:

  1. Through one of its service arms, OSCO, provides One-stop free services for those planning to study overseas as private or sponsored students 
  2. Homestay, study tour and summer camp programs
  3. Customized/tailor-made training
  4. Project management

The meaning of "Mitra Buana Akademika Pratama" represents the core of our business as a Prime Partner for the Academic World.  

OSCO offers a wide range of study programs at all levels of education in Australia, UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada, the Netherlands and Spain. The levels of education are:

  • Secondary schools, including boarding facilities
  • Pathway into top Universities  
  • Bachelor
  • Master
  • Doctoral.

Enormous time and effort often are needed in realising your overseas study plan. It is true that information is widely available on the internet but most of us would be overwhelmed in the middle of such abundant information. Hence professional support is important in each of the following steps: 

Step 1: Counseling and Consultation (FREE)

Study programs

Explanation and recommendation are available for you to help you choose the appropriate study program  

Information on the destination country

OSCO only offers countries that are open and well experienced in accepting international students so you will obtain valuable study experience that you would not have if you study in your home country. You will get complete information about living as students in the country of study destination including about climate, the living conditions of the town or city, place of worship, local culture and customs, and many more.

Direct interactions with universities 

OSCO has direct communication access with the right sections in each university it represents. This will ensure a fast response on the status of your application. We also periodically invite the admission and teaching staff of top overseas universities to hold interview sessions and on-the-spot application acceptance.

Language preparation program

OSCO offers excellent language preparation program that you can choose either in Indonesia or in the country of destination if you have not achieved the required level of language proficiency to enter the university of your choice.

Direct Entry English Preparation in Indonesia 

For those who have taken IELTS or TOEFL test to apply through us, OSCO will reimburse the cost of the test

TOEFL/IELTS Test Fee Reimbursement

Step 2: Application Process (Pay only what university charges)

  • Provision of, and assistance in completing the application forms 
  • Help you ensure that all application requirements are met, that are the academic and language requirements
  • Translate your application documents
  • Submit your application and its attachment
  • Follow up your application until response received 
  • For applicants of master by research or doctoral/PhD programs, MBA Pratama will assist you in identifying academic supervisors who are suitable with your research proposal 

Step 3: Visa processing 

You do not need to worry about complicated visa processing. We will assist you in applying the appropriate visa for you and your family so you will save you valuable time to do other important matters. Just submit to us the document and we will guide you to make sure that you have the correct document. NO service charges for those who applied their study through OSCO. Service fees of AU$ 50 applied per passport for those who are not OSCO students

Step 4: Air ticket, Accommodation, Health Insurance and Paying your Tuition Fee 

We can assist you in arranging your accommodation during your study period, book your air ticket and airport reception. We also provide pre-departure information such as your orientation schedule, your compulsory health insurance, opening your bank account and many more. We also can assist you in making payment of your tuition fee, insurance, accommodation with the competitive exchange rate.

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With headquarters in Jakarta, OSCO runs representatives in several Indonesian cities: Banda Aceh, Medan, Bogor, and Bandung. OSCO also has partners in Australia, PRC and Canada. OSCO founder and personnel are highly experienced people in the field of overseas study.

OSCO serves through various means of communication taking advantage of the latest in telecommunication technologies that can reach out beyond the limitation of time and space.

Our long-distance services have proven satisfactory to our clients especially those who are located outside our city limits. Many of them have departed and commenced their studies overseas without having met with us face-to-face.  

For clients from major Indonesian cities, especially Jakarta, traffic and limited time become their main obstacles to come to our office. Thanks to the telecommunication technologies clients can still enjoy our services at the comfort of their own time and place.  For those who feel more comfortable to do face-to-face sessions we are happy to set an appointment to meet up at a more convenient place and time. 

Study Abroad

Why Study Overseas

To look for high education quality, expand the horizon and international experience; get opportunities to be independent; get work better opportunities; as an exchange student; safer, quiet and clean environment for studying

Why Use Agency Services

A qualified agent will be able to provide excellent guidance and advise on your overseas study plan. The agent will provide accurate and well-structured information to help you work out your plan. The agent will go through the application and immigration processes so you can direct your time and energy on your work and family.


Highly experienced; free services fee; has extensive cooperation in many countries; internationally certified; professional and friendly services

Our Team

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Iskandar A. Samad

Representative, Banda Aceh
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Purwanti Ernantriana

Representative, East Jakarta
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Euphrasia Desy

Representative, West Jakarta
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Yusuf Chandra

Representative, Bandung
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Stefylin Luntungan

Representative, Manado
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Evy Rosriani

Representative, Bogor
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OSCO helped me in processing my PhD candidate application to Murdoch University in Perth. Without OSCO it would be almost impossible to arrange the application, searching for suitable academic supervisor and arranging visa for me as well for my husband and children in between my tight schedules as a lecturer in a public university in Yogyakarta, All were done through long distance arrangements. Amazing!, Thank you and all the best.

Ani Widayati, Lecturer at Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta